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Help in recruiting a growth player: What are the main differences between a business developer and a sales representative?

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In our ever-changing world, people are talking a lot about business developers as they are becoming more and more popular in the companies. Often confused with salespeople, their profiles/functions have points of convergence but they are far from being identical.

This report will help to understand the main differences between these two functions/profiles. It will also help young entrepreneurs to recruit growth players and provide answers to various questions such as:

  • –  In the day-to-day of the company, how do the functions of business developer and commercial differ?
  • –  What profile should my new recruit have if I want my startup to grow?
  • –  What profile do I need in the immediate future: a strategic support or a sales force?
  • –  During the job interview, how can I check that my candidate has the essential qualities

    that I am looking for?

  • –  And so on.

    At first, I will talk about the roles of the business developer and the commercial within a company. Then, I will develop the ideal profiles for these two functions. Finally, I will give practical advice for the job interview of a business developer and a salesperson.

    In addition, I will answer some key questions related to the theme and give real examples based on my experience gained during my entrepreneurship year at HEC Liège. For the most curious, I will also add a last part, regrouping the different useful sources in order to further dig the subject. This part will gather the details regarding some key contact persons.

Written by:

Pierre LAHAYE student at HEC Entrepreneurs 2017-2018