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This technical note helps giving indications to any entrepreneur wondering about actions that must be carried out terms of pretotyping before investing in the development of his collaborative platform. An investment in such a platform could reach significant amounts without being sure to obtain the expected result. That is why pretotyping seems to be unavoidable to avoid wasting time and money. This paper not only answers the question: “How to pretotype a collaborative platform?” but also to the questions: “When?” and “Why?” to do so. Indeed, pretotyping is not yet an anchored method and when it appears to an entrepreneur, the latter may question its effectiveness.

Through concrete actions that an entrepreneur will have to do to pretotype his platform, the technical note addresses the pretotyping to test the core need of the project but also the digital pretotyping to measure the interactivity of potential users with the platform.

Different pretotyping techniques will be presented and adapted to collaborative platforms.

The risks of not doing this method will be developed in order to convince that pretotyping is essential for the development of a project and even more in the case of a collaborative platform that requires a significant financial investment. However, if the founder decides to pretotype, he must adopt a behaviour conducive to the proper use of this method.

In order to help the entrepreneur in his approach, some liegeoise structures exist to help the entrepreneur in this process. Some exemples will be given.

Written by:

Djena Dresse, student at HEC Entrepreneurs 2018-2019