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Study Case – Tax Shelter – Crowd Lending

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The tax shelter, the crowd lending and the “prêt coup de pouce” are three incentives created by the government in order to facilitate the private investment in young companies. By their introduction, the Belgian legislator wanted to facilitate the raising of private funds by offering a tax advantage for each euro invested in a young company.

In this work, I will fist introduce the methodology of my work, followed by the description its objectives.
The next chapter presents each mechanism in order to give an overview and a brief description of the tax shelter, the crowd lending and the “prêt coup de pouce”.

Then, I expose a series of recommendations that an entrepreneur should follow in order to have a successful fund raising.
The following chapter focuses on the improvements that could be brought in order to encourage the use of those mechanisms in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Belgium.

Finally, I will mention a series of sources that could be consulted in order to learn more about the tax shelter, the crowd lending and the “prêt coup de pouce”.

It is important to take into account the evolving legal and fiscal environment on which those mechanisms have been introduced. It is the entrepreneur role to check the possible evolution of the law in order to check the reliability of the information. Anyhow, the use of professional advices is always recommended if the entrepreneur wants to set up one of the mechanisms presented in this work.

Written by:

Paul Hansenne, student at HEC 2017-2018